"Why should people under the age of 18 refrains from drinking alcohol"

There has been a study line which is completely dedicated to the growth of a teenager's brain. In the past twenty years, many findings have proven the fact that, it is never appropriate to drink before an age of 18 years. Shockingly, the harm which alcohol does to a growing brain thrusts the life-lasting after effects.

Most of these are not fathomable and they occur to the pre-frontal cortex of the intellect organ. Most importantly, this area is usually responsible for executive functioning which includes decision making, planning, judging impulsive behaviors and common judgments. 

Teenagers might not feel that underage drinking a problem at all. More than a health hazard, they know that they are doing something against the law and rules. It turns out that, most of the time, these decisions are made because of extensive peer pressure and under graded house conditions and environment. Boredom and ignorance can also be a factor behind it.  

What happens when teens indulge in drinking?
1.    Alcohol can act as a roadblock at the peak time of development when there are choosing the most crucial paths of their lives. This includes everything from choosing a school, career, friendship, and relationship.

2.    Alcohol can fudge when the brain starts disseminating any information. This means, when the brain is putting some information in long-term memory, which is a crucial part of learning, alcohol can disrupt that process. 

3.    Alcohol can have adverse effects on the matter of visual-spatial functioning. This way the person can go through poor capability of distance and directions.

4.    Research reports also suggest that underage people who drink extensively have higher risks of getting killed in accidents. 

As a parent, what kind of models you can create to limit the boundaries and effectively run a non-drinking policy:

•    Make some unpardonable rules for teens in the house. Such as making a zero-tolerance policy which will lead to some defined consequences in case the teen is caught drinking. 

•    An exemplary Guideline can work for them to understand the whole idea. You can include some points in the dietary guidelines which include single drink per day for women in the house and two drinks per day for men in the house.

•    Do not shy away from talking about the facts of alcohol. Excessive drinking can lead to all kinds of health hazards. You can also point out the ridiculed look drunken people pose and make poor decisions

•    Researchers suggest that people who are involved in volunteer activities and activities like music, sports and drama are busier and refrain from catching hazardous habits especially alcohol. If not grown-ups, this works like a wonder for teens.

The problem of underage alcoholism works like a major issue for all parents. It is important to completely understand the hazards and risks attached to it. Also, educating yourself with the right solutions in case your child falls victim to that is the most important thing. Overall it concludes that delaying the consumption of alcohol undermines the related risks and helps an individual lead a healthy life.