"What is folliculitis"

The best natural protection you get is from your skin. It is the largest organ of every human being, providing you protections against all the elements, growing your hair and even healing on its own to cure wounds.

However, if it is the biggest protector, it does not mean skin is not immune to the glares of many dangers. They can have some major complications too, especially post shaving. Yes, for many men their facial skin develops red bumps aftershave which may look like pimples. But, they are actually not pimples, rather than the reactions of folliculitis, responsible for this skin problem.

What Happens When Folliculitis Attacks?
When hair follicles become inflamed, folliculitis becomes apparent, causing your skin to develop this problem. Follicles are tiny pockets above your skin surfaces that are present everywhere except your palms, soles of your foot and lips. The invasion of bacteria to these sensitive pores causes the skin surface to become red and swollen. 

Generally, folliculitis is the result of the bacterial and   fungal infections. When this happens, it manifests as little red bumps or just pimples with white heads from the tiny follicles. Although the condition is not life-threatening, it tends to spread and becomes incurable. As a result, you can see flakes and crusty sores.

Since, it is related to hair follicles, its relevancy should have expressed for hair scalps. But, it is more likely to impact anywhere on the skin surface from where the hair grows. 

The places where the symptoms of the disorder are quite apparent are buttocks, neck, thighs, and armpits. Many of the conditions related to folliculitis can be treated with a little care. However, if the problems persist, see a dermatologist.

There are different types of folliculitis and their symptoms, which you may have heard before. They are as follows as below:

·         Razor bumps,
·         Hot tub rash,
·         Barber’s itch and
·         Shaving rash

Symptoms Of Folliculitis
·  Tiny red bumps or pimples with white heads in clusters develop around the hair follicles
·  Tender and painful skin
·   Swollen bumps or mass

Reasons For The Development Of Folliculitis
You can blame staph, a kind of bacteria to cause this skin infection to you. It is always present on your skin, but with no any reactions. However, you are likely to invite them when there is a slight issue on your skin, for say small cuts or wounds, letting them inside your body. Other than this small factor, there are other things which are quite irritating too.

·         A fungus
·         Blockages due to moisturizers
·         Hair removal using waxing, plucking and shaving
·         Bacteria found in the hot tub
·         Anti-inflammatory drugs
In addition, this problem can pop out due to the damage to your skin such as shaving, injuries, tight clothes and sticky bandages.

If folliculitis is not so adamant and it is mild. It does not need any treatment. It is likely to go away after a few days.  You can turn to self-care treatments as well. However, if they fail to work, you can see a doctor then.