"What is a Ketogenic Diet"

Do you just spark a smile and nod your head when there are talks about a Ketogenic diet? This is an ongoing trend, about which you may have not an elaborate insight. This is the most searched diet in 2017 on Google, and top ranked Hollywood celebrities die of this.

Though the buzz about this diet is quite high, the strategy behind this diet is nothing new but quite common. If you hunt deeply, you get to know that this diet has been already there since 1920s in order to offer a better treatment option for epilepsy.
Its trend and popularity is mesmerizing everyone about how does this diet become a great escapade for weight-loss for many. But, what exactly Keto diet is?

Keto Diet
To say precisely and briefly, it aims at using your stored fat for energy production, and cut onto carbohydrate consumption.

Everybody has a different build, and hence their needs are slightly different as well. However, in terms of energy production for body, you get 15-30% calories from proteins, 60- 75% calories from fat and 5-10% of calories from carbohydrate sources.

On a descriptive note, it is a high-fat diet, sending your body to the ketosis state- which means it uses stored fat rather than sugar as energy. The consumption of this diet does not encourage for carbohydrates, rather it focuses on the consumption of large amounts of fats for energy. During the ketosis process, when the body does not produce energy using carbohydrates, it eyes on yielding ketones to help in producing energy by burning fat.  

Benefits Of Keto Diets
The primary focus of the diet has been to minimize the risks of seizure disorders by producing components like ketones and decanoic.
So, most people with seizure disorders used this diet for their symptoms. Gradually, it was observed that the diet is linked to weight loss for those consumers dramatically.

There are some exact reasons the way this diet works for you. Eating carbs triggers a signal to the body to restore fluid content from it to use later for energy production. And when you do not take too much carbohydrate, you tend to shed this fluidic weight. This means you can have more carbohydrates. On the other hand, it prevents too much fat cravings. Plus, the ketosis process encourages you to burn fat, and as a result you lose a great weight.  

Do They Really Help?
For the beginners, it is possible to restrict the calorie intake to 15,000 calories as they contain high fats and lean proteins. With this diet, you can feel fuller throughout the day. On the other hand, remaining on ketosis process, your body uses more energy to burn fat rather than using carbohydrates. And you are more likely to lose weight.
Although everyone is different, it is possible to shed extra fats by one or two pounds within a week.

However, experts suggest it is best suited for people with seizure disorders. So, if you do not suffer from this, you should not stick to it for a longer period of time. At the same time, it will work only when you have the right tools and ingredients to follow it.