"Things Every Polite Guy Should Do"

What attributes should a gentleman have? Or what makes a man gentleman? Maybe, they do not hold any relevance for some, especially who wants to enjoy a come and go relationship just for fun. Sometimes, it matters a lot for them who are eyeing for someone true and caring. That apart, when you are hunting for the real guy, you must see some important characteristic of the guy involving his everyday etiquettes irrespective of the venue, genders and their class. When you are looking for a true gentleman, the following attributes and things he should posses and do.

His Sense Of Hygiene
This comes first while deciding about the good traits of a gentleman. He is hygienic. He has well maintained nails and trimmed nose hair that do not sneak out his nostrils.

Reading Factual Stuff
He has a passion for delving into good books and newspapers to feed his brain, and his knowledge granary. He uses his knowledge and insights to hold an opinion on different things no matter what does that deal with-be it scotch pairing or any world event. 
However, in the ongoing debate, he does not aim at making everyone agree with him in order to establish his relationship with others. He actually wants to engage you in his debate to have your say.

Respecting Every Woman
He cares and respects women who really care for him. However, he does not pay too much attention to be courted by them. Instead, he loves to take the lead in the whole course. He has a strong sense of desperate ego not to be chased by anyone, and does not want to play a babysitter for those who take his advantages.  

Enjoying The Company Of An Independent Girl
It is not in his character to be someone’s savior or the father, not does he want to be someone’s fairy tale’s hero. He wants to stand by someone who is independent, who can pay her own bills, and can travel alongside him.

Taking Your Grocery Cart Or Coat Away
He opens the door for you, and takes away your coat or grocery cart, not because you are weak, but he is more intended to express his carefulness for you. This is how it makes his manhood intensified.

Turning Off Smartphone In The Movie Theater
Well, this is something not every guy is used to do. But, following this simple yet important key thing about life is indeed important for him. This works out of a concern to not disturb anyone around in a movie theater.

Saying Thank You
This is an important word which most of us do not love to express. It is so small a word, and takes nothing to say. He wants to thank everyone who does every little service for him. And in the long run, it is good to perk someone’s days.
All of these are just a hint about how a man should have these in his character to be reckoned as a gentleman. It really feels great when you find yourself the influenced by a true gentleman.