"Is it possible to be allergic to mineral water?"

No living organism can survive without water. So do we. When it comes to the human anatomy, water takes the lead in their full construct. Our brains and heart comprise 70% of water, while our lungs have a whopping 80% of water occupancy. It does not stop here, our bones contain 30% of water. As a whole we must take an average of 2.4 liters of water to survive.

While we cannot ignore a huge importance of water in our life, there is a certain thing about this life-saving liquid turning out to be a disastrous for our surviving too.

This can be a dreading experience when you are allergic to water. Although this is not widespread amongst so many people, its prevalence is observed for a rare few, who have a condition known as aquagenic urticaria.

This condition is a type of allergy when one comes in contact to water of any temperature. The allergies to water form like hives for the patients, one of the strangest types of allergies.

Symptoms Of Acquagenic Urticaria
Any form of water contact may cause you a development of this allergy, if you are susceptible to this condition. In such condition, you have hives on your body if you are exposed during bathing, walking in the rain, and even during the time of extreme sweating and crying.

The onset of this allergy prevents you from leading a normal life. You have to limit your cleaning rituals to only five minute cold showers, twice a week. At the same time, there are certain restrictions in terms of consuming less non-veg items to reduce the amount of oils in your body. Most often, fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of water content should be avoided in order to prevent the reactions of this allergy.

As you develop hives as a form of reaction to this allergy, they are likely to appear on your neck, arms and upper body. However, they usually do not stay for long, and disappear after 30-60 minutes once the surface becomes dry.

In severe cases like with the American teen Alexandra Allen was reported to have this allergy too. But she was prone to developing the similar symptoms in her throat when she makes an attempt to drink water. Since, any type of water content –be it a juice, tea and other is likely to form blisters in the throats of the patients, the reliever is an aerated diet drink.

That apart, some unusual cases of aquagenic Urticaria have also been reported involving the use of mineral water.

Allergies Due To Mineral Water
In such case, the patients are likely to develop itchiness or rashes all over their skin especially in the evening. If you have proneness to the mineral water, you can even have redness and rashes.

The exact reason behind this condition is still not known. But, scientists believe that it may have a connection to the genetic substances like chromosome 2q21. However, we rarely find any instances of such condition running in a family.

Not everyone is so fortunate to get relief from its severe symptoms. But, for some antihistamines and steroids can prove to be beneficial.