"How to be comfortable in your own skin"

It is like participating in a contest, and sorting out ways to emerge the winner. This is how life directs us to perform. Every now and then, we are fighting hard to beat one another to surpass everyone in a quest to be the best dressed, the most beautiful, and the most successful and so on. Provided, when all these parameters are there to determine one’s superiority, how does it remain unmoved and insensible to you?

You are confident enough, and accept the way you are. All this happens, when you are comfortable with your skin and yourself, and not to mention- where are you standing in your life now. And when everything is good for you, you don’t draw a line of comparison with others, and don’t even make attempts to impress others.

Maybe, we can blame it all to the social media presence, which brings a feeling of low self-esteem when you look at someone’s images and make out yours is not up to par. 

The sense of discomfort regarding your skin works in your mind. As a result, it makes you sad when you think someone else’s image or life is better than yours. The best thing to be comfortable in your skin is to stop making comparisons and finding ways to get to know yourself. Here goes a list of the best ideas to help you feel comfortable with what you are.

Take Care Of Yourself
The foremost thing to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin lies in taking care of yourself. It is easy to not pay any heed to your health needs, but still feigning to be fine. Definitely, when you do not get enough sleep, don’t drink enough water, it makes you feel weird. You still overlook your needs. But, you should stop avoiding yourself right at the moment. Honor your body by accomplishing your needs with daily workouts, looking at your teeth, drinking lots of fluids and so on..  Make a list of important things you need and pay attention to them daily.

Indulge In Activities To Be Happy
Don’t just think too much what others think and give in to their choices and demands. Give priorities to your likes and dislikes. Do what you love to do. If knitting a woolen item for your kitty gives you a mental peace, by all means engage in the act. On the other hand, you can find a sense of authenticity from your step.
Love Your Physical Flaws
It is all about burying your physical flaws, and getting to love those flaws. The more you embrace yourself, the more comfortable you will become with yourself.  

Appreciate Your Personality
Don’t keep your talent under wraps even if your friends ask you to stop. When you really pay attention to them, it makes you feel apologetic and embarrassed. Don’t shy away from expressing things which make you unique.

Respect your lone time   
Finding time for yourself is indeed important to know yourself. Get away from all the distractions like social media, and chatting to enjoy your sole company. In the whole process to be comfortable in your skin, it is important you respect your lone moment.

Although it takes time and practice, once you are used to this, nothing in this world can make you feel uncomfortable.