"how do panic attacks normally set in"

Most people who face the trauma of panic search for the causes of panic attacks. Anxiety can happen to any person for any underlying reason. Often it happens without a fair warning and you may not be able to control it. However, there are cases which can make your anxiety even worse. 

What can be Your Anxiety Trigger?
People go through various symptoms which cause anxiety. However, there is a stark difference between the trigger of anxiety and its causes. Many times, your upbringing can be the chief cause of your anxiety disorder. On the other hand, triggers are just issues that will make your anxiety even worst.

People who suffer from anxiety disorders do not face the problem every day. Many of them experience it intermittently and deal with it in a more manageable way. In these cases, the person faces that trigger when that hardest situation appears in front of them.

Some less visible triggers of anxiety are:

The best start is with the invisible triggers of anxiety. Some are more like invisible triggers of anxiety which you may not realize during the daily activities. An everyday example is house clutter as many people feel that messy house means no control. When they see a messy room, they feel like losing control which acts as an anxiety trigger. 

•    Too Much Time to Think: Often, it prevails in the social media that being alone is healthy. This leads to a common thought process that, if you alone, you are being healthy. But, too much loneliness can cause further anxiety. Too much thinking can lead to the negative thought process. The more you think, the more your thoughts are directed towards negativity. In most of the cases, fun activities and mental distractions become very helpful in swiping your mind away from anxiety. 

•    Lack of Goal Setting: The mind and body need some good emotions to stay insanity. Some feelings such as accomplishment, achievement and the feeling that you have something to look forward to acting as a great tool to keep you anxiety-free. If you do not have any real goals set-up for you, this can actually lead you towards no any real planning towards the future. This can also leave you hopeless and lingering in the present. 

•    Loss of Coping:  People with a problem of drugs and alcohol may end up doing some reckless things. This can also cause losing the “coping-up” behavior. This lack of necessary adventure can put your brain towards anxiety.

Working towards stopping the anxiety disorders:
Trigger Prevention: You can actually favor your mind and body if you just keep focussing on trigger prevention. Regular exercise can help lower the health fears. Avoiding too much media contact can also relieve you from random anxiety. 

Trigger Desensitization: Another trick is to overdoing a thing which causes anxiety. If by a specific thought, you can anxiety trigger, you can simply overthink and think it too much that you no longer feel that stressful out of it.  The good thing is, your mind gets distressed because of fears which that thought causes. It is that restrictive behavior of your mind which causes the actual anxiety. 

The overall idea revolves around managing the anxiety triggers and disorders.