"Can you experience peer pressure online"

Young people always faced the hiccups of peer pressure. Friends have always been an influence for young folks and in the recent years, this definition has been redefined. A whole new level of concern sprouted from online presence of young population. It is certain that these days, people meet online rather than bumping into each other in the library. A myriad of resources such as social media, gaming, dating sites can pose some behaviour guidelines for kids. They feel a strong urge to act in a certain way. 

While, in some cases, this shows the positive signs such as maintaining their online presence and raising money for charitable purposes, in many other ways, it can be a harmful deal. Resultantly, young people and kids act in a way, which they will never do in real life. A face-to-face life becomes a whole other reality than their online personality. 

Many times, the pressure doesn’t sprout from any specific friend or close friend group but from the type of websites they use. Young generation has always been admiring the glitzy world of celebrities and with an access to the internet, they feel even more urge replicate people they like. Many times, this desire may turn into a pressure that, they must look lavish and successful in all their pictures. 

However, eliminating the peer pressure is a completely another scenario, as parents, you can always look out for some instances causing this situation. Below are some points to detect when you can sense a peer pressure:

•    Online Dares
Sometimes, the online world is so ardent that, people film some pranks and them share them online. The worst part is, these pranks take a turn dangerous turn with higher levels. A myriad of people takes part in these games that makes the participant feel like a part of “troop”. While many dares are just funny and harmless but in some instances, they can prove to be dangerous. 

•    Planking
In planking, people ‘play dead’ while lying down on the face. They do this at strange places to make it interesting. This games turned menacing when participants started playing them at extreme places which caused considerable injuries in some cases.

  • Sharing Violent and Improper Media Online
Rolling out Violent, improper images and videos to appear cool. Many times, they come up with best ways to insult and humiliate others. Again, many times, people face a certain amount of pressure from friends to join such tasks against their will. 

Why does it happen?
Here are quick points on why young kids and even grownups can succumb to these situations:

•    They wish to become popular and try to fit in. 

•    They wish to look cool and approachable. 

•    Often, they don’t imagine the consequences of being behind a screen and doing nasty things.

•    They trust too much and send something inappropriate believing that the person won’t pass it further. 

•    They are easily impressed by the online personality and can hardly see the truth behind that online profile. 

What Can You Do?
We need to understand the fact that, even if you delete an image or comment, someone else could have already passed it further. After that, you lose all control over that online mark of your personality. It is always better to take little time to think before sending or uploading anything online.